The Quick and the…Living

The Unfinished Journey is a conglomerate of musings, thoughts, experiences, fun times, Not so fun times, and basic day-to-day ongoings from the perspective of one who is in that journey.

From the best of my memory I believe that the notion of putting to print the activities of a young person has come from several sources. One of the first things we do as educators, mentors, or friends, hell even enemies, is to begin whoever we meet on the concept of journaling.

Got things on your mind? Journal it! Feeling some anxiety? Journalize it! Experiencing passion, angst, love, infatuation, shoes, cfm’s, got it yet? Journalize it…wherever; albeit, in the stall, at the bar, at the nightspot, even in church–just get it to writing.

Research study after study indicates that those who journalize, experience less anxiety, depression, doldrums, and quite the opposite happens. Yep! Having delt with the negatives, then we are free to explore the wonders of life! That is what ‘The Unfinished Journey’ is about.



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