You’ve Just Got to Ask Yourself

I am writing this as an aside-you know those little bits that stimulate the mind and the only real way to get it off of one’s mind is either to discuss it or in my case, journalize it.

Have you every wondered why or what is so important, posh, chic, or desirous about something that people will go to the ends of the earth to get it? Let’s look at the Office of the President, here in the United States.

The way this campaign is shaping up is nothing shy of witnessing pure Hell. Just about everything I read in The Bible, especially the Book of Proverbs or Christ’s ‘Sermon on the Mount’ warns us against the carnage and lengths that others will do, or stoop to, even to obtain the party’s nomination. Ironically the portion of Proverbs I’m referring to is subtitled, ‘Contrast the Upright and the Wicked.’

I am referring to it now as the ‘Slithering Shimmering Snake’ simply because that is what it reminds of when people lose all sense of dignity and their own personal integrity runs so ragged that they are ready to run ruckshod over any person who gets in their way.

The latest acts of desperation I’ve seen or heard goes something like this: “Senator John McCain is to old to be a President;” Isn’t this ‘age discrimination’? Sure it is and before any of his opposition could collect his personal medical records, dental records, DMV, military records to literally pore through to find something to discredit him along with his age…

It has become the slogan of “Four More Years of Bush.” Now I’ve just got to ask myself these questions: What is it about the presidency that would have folks stoop to this level? What does a person gain when they completely forfeit themselves and their dignity in order to gain anything?

  Lord, please help me to never want anything so bad that I am ready to become as a snake and with my pithy tongue flapping this way and that way destroying everything in its path.




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