Are we going to finish our journeys?

Oh another one of those days where I think: “You had better be ‘right’ with your maker because no one ever really knows ‘when.’ I am not addressing only Christianity here-insofar as just about every religion-I know of has their own unique myths, beliefs, and stories about the End Times.

Therefore, just today watching my local news-weather-to be precise got me to that point of self-reflection. Let’s look just at the United States: Record breaking floods in Wisconsin and Minnesota which of course are not limited to just those two states. In fact, just about all of Missouri, Alabama, and Kansas are under water too.

Whilst the mid-west and the infamous “Tornado Alley” are seeing and unfortunately experiencing more deadly tornadoes than any other time in recorded history, the folks in Washington D.C. and Maryland experienced a rare storm with proportions that spawned several tornadoes!

So this morning some well-prepared person with camcorder in hand caught a ‘water spout’ or ‘water tunnel, or funnel dancing over the Atlantic Ocean in South Florida; seriously folks, I thought of the film “Twister” inasmuch as that was the only thing I’d seen remotely close to this one.

Connecticut and most of New England are under extreme hurricane or tornado watches while all along the eastern seaboard temperatures are around 100 F or more daily.

Hawaii gets its own paragraph because the ever-flowing Kilauea volcano is now erupting spewing lava everywhere causing mass evacuations. From Washington state to California through America’s heartland to Massachusetts and down to Florida, I certainly can’t remember a time in my life where there were so many drastic changes in the weather.

Notice please…not one word is mentioned here about global warming or anything else ‘green’. “Why?”  I hope you ask, because every person everyday should be doing something to advance the cause of Earth’s environment. Other than that, though I’ve never seen a shred of legitimate proof, global warming is going to happen sometime just as global freezing.

“O taste and see that the Lord is good; how blessed is the person who takes refuge in Him!…
“Those who seek the Lord, will never be in want of any good thing” (Psalm 34:8-10)





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