Math the Easy Way

“Here’s your brain…here’s your brain on Math…” Notice how there is no difference. Nah, all kidding aside there is a point to this madness and that is this: We can make math as easy or has hard as we’d like. Here is some real shocking news for all humans who read this blog.

When one says to themselves, “Oh shoot! I can’t get this…” well the shocker behind that is: You’re right! You never will. Why? Ask me why…Because if you say you won’t you never will! Here’s a few I cooked up for us while reading an article today.

What do you think the New York (Football) Giants said before the Super Bowl last Feburary? Oh we can’t beat those 16-0 New England Patriots. But they did in a convincing fashion. Why? Becaused they believed they could do it. Well gang, that is more than half the battle–knowing you can!

With math arriving at the correct answer is only 1 step away. Even in arithmatic every scenario comes to us and we solve the matter in steps, right? Therefore, if the correct answer is alluding you, go through the steps. Look at how you arrived where you are at that moment. Now start going backward.

It is extremely important to understand this precept: As humans grow up and older our bodies go through tremendous changes. You know the drill; playing on the swings, muscle-ing along on the Jungle Jim, or playing some ball, then we found boys! And for boys, we found girls! Either way it goes, and it will go trust me, the important issue to remember is as our bodies grow and mature so does our brain–what a concept.

Therefore through the years various kinds of math were invented, better yet, found by humans as a way to problem solve. Have you ever looked at one of those 3-D “Stereograms” where when a person looks long enough images begin to show up and we’re going, ‘OMG! There’s a shark in this one!’ (See below.)

Stick around and I will promise to explain how and why this happens. By the way…no taker’s on my other offer. If I said, whoever go this correct, they’d get $1,000.00 (one thousand dollars) would that make a difference? Doubt it. Anyway here goes: You start by drawing these: I  X Then you instruct your viewers to do this: Take one solid line                          and make this a 6. So the directions are: You have some numerals and a single line; take the single-solid line and make them a “6.”

Easy one…remember, you can do this; therefore, believe you can. Cheers everybody!




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