Going Home…

One of the influential people that got me into journaling was a teacher-friend I went to school with. This girl always seemed so collected. You know the type?

Nope, never a hair out-of-place, feathers ruffled, or the least bit of angst for this god-send of a person to whom I owe so much. Anyway one day after the worst events occurring in a human being’s life happening, all of us sitting there, just in the state of licking our wounds, in struts my friend, the teacher. Unbelievably calm, collected, and the best thing was that she has an aire of ‘coolness’ about her.

After that I had to know; straight and simple, to the point, out with it lady! Rather nonchalantly she says, “Do you have a diary?” Pausing in my laughter, I said, a ‘what’? Oh I’m sorry she says, you folks refer to them as ‘Journals.’

Oh!! (In my total embarrassment) No…not really. She quickly states that she’s advised everyone she knows to keep a Journal handy for what ever reason. Ready? A journal when traveling; a journal when driving, walking, at the beach, skiing, a portable journal when in the ‘Ladies.’

“We are to journalize everything!” She’d say…prayers, prayer lists, groceries, the lot…everything, especially our feelings. She believed, as I do now, that if people kept journals and wrote in them ad nauseaum then there would be far less accidents, suicides, hurting, especially rage!

Kind of a long lead-in for two very distinct stories shared with me this weekend. The first one deals with Kirsten Dunst, the highly acclaimed actress and stunner beyond words. Recently Ms. Dunst checked herself into a posh ‘rehabilitation’ spa-type place in Utah for exhaustion, fatigue, and for some needed rest.

I have no problem with this whatsoever! The pressed jumped on to this story with fangs dripping. Who cares if Ms. Dunst wanted a little ‘pampering time’ hell, she’s earned it. But nooooooo! Main-stream media got onto this like she was doing heroine! Fact of the matter is that Ms. Dunst, like 100 million other people in this country suffers from depression and needs a little space and some pampering.

The other doesn’t have nearly the ‘awareness’ factor nor the ending. A dear, dear supermodel from Kazakhstan, Ruslana Korshunova, got depressed and although she used her social networking sites sparingly, plunged to her untimely death from her 9th story Manhattan apartment.

Even as I write this little post I just have one thing to say: If society would take their heads out of wherever, and stop treating, and perceiving people with a little depression like “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” maybe people would and could reach out more.

Write it out! Journalize it! We’ve all been depressed! Please join me in my prayers for Ruslana Korshunova and her family as well as for Ms. Dunst.

Lord, please help me to realize that nothing is going to happen in this day that we both can’t handle together…




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