Human Stew: When Anger Spills Over!

Simply Stunning

Simply Stunning

All too often in our life’s journey we manage without trying really, to make a concoction I call Human Stew. Here’s the very simple recipe: In a body composed primarily of water add 1/3rd volume deceit; slowly add some heat as one becomes further aware that they have been duped.

Prepare to add 1/3rd volume of low intensity anger brought on by doing nice things for others only to be taken advantage of and bring to a medium simmer. In a caldron the Stew is lightly blending deceit and anger because one has come to the realization that no amount of civil communication is going to assist in rectifying the situation. So therefore bring to a boil:

Realizing that your good nature has been taken advantage of, you in turn have done two favors for someone who is reckless and above all shameless knowing full well I should never, ever have even considered violating my own promise of steering clear of these ‘hanger’s on’ types, now add the final 1/3rd of resentment and reality.

And it makes me angry when I violate my own personal integrity so stir well prior to serving. In lovely adorned soup bowls, ladle copious amounts of the tantrum and rant you’d love to throw whilst not holding anything back.

Almost 4 weeks ago this person I don’t know at a chess playing site came to me asking that I “Add” her as a friend so she could challenge me to a game of chess. My staunch rule is to never endorse any person I’ve never met and don’t know. But this person is allegedly from Russia and doesn’t have any friends at the site then.

The next few days I start receiving challenges from her and I’m thinking, “Wow, that was really fast! Let me check this player out.” I go to her home page which indicates a very low rating, no friends, just eagerly looking for a game. Oh what the heck…be nice, be helpful.

Nine moves into the game her home page changes (updated) and she is engaged in 22 games simultaneously and rated almost 500 points ahead of me!

So I do what any person would do-no! I didn’t shoot her! However, I immediately sent her a note asking her to resign from the game in “good faith.” Making the next four weeks short, I emailed, sent friends over to play her and found out that this person doesn’t take messages from people not on her “Friends List.”

Imagine that, I wasn’t even on her “Friends List”! So trying to cut my losses I put in a request for a draw. As at the time of this writing that person has not resigned, accepted my offer for a draw, or added me as a friend. Question: Should I resign?  Thank you.



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