First Compliments, then the Criticism

First thing I would like to do in this entry is to marvel at how Flickr manages to be so precise and spot on when it comes to the photos they select to put in the day’s show.

I couldn’t possibly explain to anyone just how affective and effective those folks are. I have another site here at WordPress and the job they do on that site is unequalled. So kudos Flickr! And thank you for enhancing my sites. Have you really ever noticed how many talented people are at Flickr?

It is those folks–at Flickr–and their gifts that restore my faith in humankind.

And now ladies and gentlemen, it is finally my turn to RANT!!

If you are a democrat, or if you are a member of the left, or the leftist extreme, or even if you consider yourself an elitist of sorts pay attention. Because no where will there ever be a more obvious definition of how those and members of that party are viewed.

This attack on Governor Sarah Palin is one thing; however, bringing issues that deal intimately with her family and loved ones is unconscionable!

As for Mrs. Palin, one would think that this would be the gift of the Equal Rights Amendment, but noooooo! The newspapers, pundits, pinheads, and comedians are having a field day with her…family! Is nothing sacred anymore?

Years ago the ERA went to a process of ‘forget you Congress’ and through Article V of the U.S. Constitution to their vote to the states where as you know it is far more difficult to get something ratified insofar as it takes three-fourths (75%) of state approval to get that Amendment passed. And you know what?

They darn near did it! It was but a few ‘delegate’ votes in one state that held up the infamous “Equal Rights Amendment” for women.

Now the exact opposite is happening! A woman gets the nod; not just any woman, but the governor of the largest state in the Union!

There is no excuse what-so-ever for the hate campaign launched against the Honorable Sarah Palin. Women have worked years for this opportunity–lest we all forget that! Now with the attacks on her family shows just how most people in this country slither on their stomachs.


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