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Now, something I want to do…


God's light

Lately I’ve been so busy with various ‘other’ things that I haven’t taken the time to do the things in life I love doing the most.

With as much fashion as I discuss daily, and the amount of chess I play daily, yet, most of all it is the amount of writing that I do–daily–that takes the kind of planning, preparing, drafting, proofing, and revision or time off of the clock to do the things I enjoy the most. So today I’m going to share with you (whoever passes by) a rather cool story that happened lately.

Early Tuesday morning I got up, staggered to the door more than still half asleep to let the dogs out (Bailey and Casey ♥♥) and whilst they’re outside taking care of their business I prepare their morning meal.

Only this Tuesday morning was a bit different…I went out to give em’ hugs and lovin’ and noticed that for the third time this year someone had taken out my mailbox or ‘letter box’ for my European and Aussie friends.

Well just a super quick background: 1st time this year, some plastered high-school kids took the turn far too fast and besides the mailbox, took out my ‘lamplighter’ light as well. You know, if you don’t yet belive in God, you should.

Tire marks took out part of my ‘spring garden’ enclosed in a Tea Ring style shape with flagstone borders. The God part? The tire tracks went about three feet from one of those 300 year old huge oak trees that 4 or 5 adults couldn’t get their arms around! (Suffice it to say if they had hit the tree–they may indeed met God already!

At any rate, with my mailbox under their truck and dragged merciously, it was not a big feat to “follow the mailbox” pieces in the road. Enough said on #1.

Number 2 was very much the same, although my new mailbox didn’t get dragged; it was just lifted and hurled across about a quarter of an acre of my front yard! No “I’m sorry” hit and run note.

Noticing that the box as ajar, nonetheless the dogs were hungry their table set and I figured, “Ah, I’ll get to it later this afternoon. When suddenly, Knock, knock, knock, that made all three of us jump; I have one of those brass knockers and you know when someone’s at the door.

There she stood all maybe 5′ of her; a petite little Asian lady dressed to the 9’s and made up impeccably! So she started telling me the story of “Alice’s Restaurant” (joke) and how she removed my mailbox. She wanted to know how she could help out.

My first reaction was, “…I do the labor and procure the necessary parts (concrete!) and let’s swap numbers and I’d call her for reinbursement. She gladly said ‘Okay.’ Her English was about as good as my Japanese so she wanted me to chat with her friend. And then something happened that only a Christian knows the true feeling of…

I looked at her and said, for once let you reward of honest, dignity, willingness to help, and disclosure be rewarded here right now on Earth! Quizzically she looked, stared at me. I said, “Miss you owe me nothing…thank you for your honesty and at least reporting it too me and wanting to help…”

She bowed slightly and I returned the gesture and then…I asked her if she’d like to pray. We did.