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For what it’s worth

morphoblueAs for me — lately — I’ve begun to swirl myself into this big huge ball of atomic energy that needs to burst, albeit in a corrective and civil way. This is really of my own doing, let me explain.

I believe that I am of ‘average’ intelligence. As far as who subscribes to the measurement of my ‘intelligence quota’ or my I.Q. score it’s laying around 165 or so. No! I still don’t think I am a braniac or anything close — I’m just one of those people who loves to learn new things and I do this by experiencing, reading, watching, gathering information, on those kinds of things that interest me. Whew! Took me a long time to get here!

I feel that it is what I know compared to what I don’t know — in reality — that frustrates me, hence the atomic energy as the problem of my own doing. I am addressing issues such as immigration, discrimination, political correctness and how these various functions of humankind seem to me, at least, to be connected in some way. And it really sucks when I can’t figure it all out.

So let’s start with the oldest one of these precepts that I know of and that would be immigration. Trust me when I say that I have studied every Act the United States government has ever entered into starting from 1739 through the ‘wondrous waves’ of immigrants from southern Europe during the early 1800s and then those immigrants who again clashed in the 1820s.

It’s no wonder why the immigrant from the previous decade or longer is resentful of their followers. More on that later. But for now, if I think of the Naturalization Acts of 1909, 1918, then again those Naturalization Acts of the 1940s and 1950’s the energy level continues to rise.

You see folks, name the president or name the congress of this nation and you’ll see that almost all of them have had ‘Executive Agenda’s’ in which to confront these issues…but sadly they never really got around to it. Until the late 1950’s and of course the 1960’s hereinafter referred to as the ‘Civil Rights Acts.’

I’ll stop there for now…that is a lot to digest. Cheers everyone!



One of the fewest…I think!?

I just love this picture!

I just love this picture!

I am here to tell you folks that I’ve just about had enough of this election campaign bull squat. And like I say…far be it from me to ever critique anyone’s posture on anything; insofar as this excuse for an electoral campaign that is going to affect me in some way, well then, I feel I have a right to say something about it…especially when,

I am paying for it, and one way or another it looks like America is hitting yet another ‘growth’ period

So work with me please for I think I’m developing some heavy issues. Like this one: How can a person say…they want to redistribute the wealth in this country? Seriously, isn’t this the stuff of “Robin Hood”? You know…let’s take from the rich and give to the poor?

Is it me, or do we not live in a nation that was built on a capitalist economy and a representative democracy?

Yet at precisely the same time the same person who is espousing this crap is of the ‘Ruling Elite’ in this nation! Moreover, it seems to me that this individual who spent $600,000,000 six hundred million dollars on his campaign is still whinging at how the civil rights movement didn’t redistribute the wealth nearly as it should have, simply because the courts couldn’t get involved! (Anyone thinking “Race card” here?)

There can be no doubt about it what-so-ever: America is experiencing some economic cycles and some people are not adjusting to them so well. Face it folks, America is changing!

Albeit to the good or for the bad will be decided in the outcome of the forthcoming years. Here is where I get disgusted with the entire pin head puppets we call legislators who have not seen outside of the “Washington D.C. Establishment” in 10, some 20, and some over 30 years!

There is more corruption inside of the “Beltway” (district where the US capital exists) then anywhere else in the country. Senators with other Representatives of Congress taking bribes, insider trading, doing drugs, alcohol, and then carrying on like Nancy Pelosi?

Like I started this little essay, all of this from the JUNK riddled New York Times, to the other main-stream media who think they can print whatever they want is worse than shouting “Fire” in a dark theater, or pyrotechnics in an over crowded music club.

But yet, I will still vote…who really knows what happens to our votes? I don’t and I’ve tried to find out. But for peace, I will vote.  Cheers gang!!