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Tough One…

That’s my day I’m talking about. Damn! It’s hard to get going today and it’s bothering me big time! I don’t know if it’s the weather–95° hot–or if I just don’t feel like another day to strengthen the skin cancer cells that seem to be cropping up all over me!

No big deal; I just disappointed in myself for letting the cooler, earlier part of the day get away from me. Now, I guess I’ll just have to grin and bare it!

When I get into these kinds of moods–and believe me it is a mood–what I need to do is think about Caylee Anthony, the little and adorable three year old darling girl whose been missing for over two months and her mom has been out partying!

And if that’s not enough to get me going, think about worse things: Oh yeah! It can be worse…I could be sitting in a jail cell with no air conditioning; I could be in any one of the dysfunctional countries in Africa fearing that a kid with an AK 47 could end my life forever.

The lousy thing about the last one “The Kid and the AK 47” is it’s not me that’s worried so much; but it’s for the kid simply because “LIFE” simply means nothing but pain and suffering for him. Think about this one: Dead animal carcuses laying around, 100° heat or worse, at least a hundred flies buzzing around my face, when all of the sudden I walk up on a mass grave and see my sister!

Oh yeah! It can get a whole helluva lot worse. I’m done bitching, I’ve got things to do! Make yours a great day!