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What does it all mean?


Quite openly this answer to this and every other question humankind could ever have is answered in The Bible. You know, that little book you always find in hotels; or the ones at your house that are either grandiose and passed from generation to generation, or more simply, there might be one in your parents’ room.

What would I even take the time to go through that kind of introduction with a title such as: “What does it all mean?” Read on and hopefully I’ll be able to help in understanding what a mess humans have made of Wall Street, credit markets, loans for mortgages, insurance defaults, investment banker bull, and why the financial sector is asking for 700 Billion dollars for a ‘bail-out.’

All throughout life we are ‘told’ to watch our manners, always say please and thank you, don’t shame the name, don’t drink and drive, let’s girls keep our legs crossed, never, ever lie, always tell the truth, and say no to drugs. Ahh, lest I forget the proverbial; “…is your homework done…and we get you everything you need to succeed in school…”

Ironically I have been reading this other blog (my favorite…I love the writer!) called “The Thinker” and the writer has some sort of fixation with maintaining what he refers to as “The Bar of Acceptable Standards.” Mr. Thinker believes that as time goes on or as he says; “From generation to generation the norms and standards that founded this country [America] are eroding” and that’s where he gets his description of ‘lowering the bar’ of standards. In other words, the writer believes that things we’re different and more strict in the 1950s and that through the 60s, 70s, up to now, everyone from government officials…starting with our own parents, to education and life is rotting from inside out.

To be continued…